Welcome to Project: Quantum Leap, a Half-Life single player episode with a bit of a twist: each map is by a different mapper - 20 maps, 15 authors, one hell of an incoherent map pack!


PQL started with an innocent post on the old Valve ERC Half-Life Mapping forum on December 29, 2001. A horde of regulars at the VERC forums, both newbies and veterans, signed up to supply a map for this endeavor. Over time the number of maps and participants fluctuated a bit, and we ended up with 20 maps by 15 mappers. A short six months later, PQL is as ready as it's ever going to be for public consumption.


Story? Pshaw! Who needs a story? We figured HL players were tired of being burdened with following a so-called "plot." Fear not! Where precisely did we come up with the name Project: Quantum Leap? Once familiar with this project, several people remarked at its similarity to the TV show Quantum Leap, where in each episode Dr. Sam Beckett would 'leap' into someone else's body from the past, giving each episode a different theme and setting. Our Half-Life pack is in a similar vein - each map has its own unique setting and style.


We welcome any questions, problems, and job offers. Please contact us by using the Forum.

Looking for More?

If you've played PQL and enjoyed it (who hasn't?!), you may be interested in the follow-up projects. Both Issues and Reissues are in the same style - collaborative Half-Life single player map packs featuring a wide variety of authors and styles. Both mods also use the Spirit of Half-Life code, which adds new tricks, effects, and tools for mappers to keep players on their toes and breathe fresh life into an aging game.

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